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Palm Springs Yoga Retreat
January 9-12th, 2020

Enjoy a 4 day/3 night health and wellness retreat in gorgeous pool-side accommodation hosted by Holistic Escape Retreats. Daily yoga flow, meditation, amazing hiking in the beautiful surrounding mountains of Palm Springs, plant based cleansing meals, and workshops on sprouting, pillars of protection, rituals for deep renewing sleep, and aligning your energy to reignite your purpose. Learn to make sprouted hummus, raw vegan cheese, seed crackers, and vegan fruit ice cream. You will also learn how to make your own yoga balm, use herbs to deepen your yoga practice, and understand 10 herbs to add into your wellness routine for your home apothecary. You will leave this 4 day retreat with a renewed spirit and mind!


Guided By: 


Dana Crawley

Dana is the Founder of a booming Raw Food Company, Laguna Elixirs, based out of Laguna Beach, CA. She is a Certified Raw Food Chef, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach/Chef, Certified Wilderness First Aid, & an experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) for over 10 years.  

Dana Hutchinson

Dana is the Founder and Herbalist of the Wildflower Clinic, based out of Denver, CO.  She is a Clinical Herbalist, Chinese Herbologist, Reiki Master, Flower Essence Practitioner, & a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200.

Our Focus

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Raw Living Food 

Both Dana’s are graduates of the Anne Wigmore Living Foods Program in Puerto Rico. They believe that through living foods, one can harness the true potential of living a more vibrant, abundant life. By consuming vegan plant foods that are living, sprouted, fermented, or raw; the body can finally heal itself from within.  Holistic Escape Retreats raw food demo classes will teach you how to take control in the kitchen and begin your journey to optimal health. Learn the basics of creating raw delicious vegan meals to become a bullet-proof superfood warrior!

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Herbal Medicine

Herbs and plants have played a significant role in medicine since the beginning of our creation. The therapeutic benefits of herbs are undeniable across all cultures and medical systems as they tie in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vitalist Approaches, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Western Herbalism approaches. Herbalism uses herbs to treat the underlying cause of a disease in a client. instead of trying to mask signs and symptoms of the disease, like Western Medicine. Herbalists and Alternative Health Consultants look at the entire picture of the body, from stress to lifestyle, to ensure the prescription of the right treatment. Come learn about herbal medicine with Holistic Escape Retreats today, and begin repairing your body the natural way! 



Unlock the physical, mental and spiritual awakening benefits of yoga.  With 20 plus years experience in teaching yoga, we will guide you in invigorating your soul and refocusing your mind. The physical benefits are increased flexibility, improved muscle tone and abundant energy.  The spiritual and mental benefits are unlimited. We believe yoga aids any health journey through reducing inflammation, clearing emotional blockages and balancing the body. We practice several types of yoga all designed to facilitate personal detoxification and renew the body, mind and spirit. 




Sunlight deficiency contributes heavily to many cancers and diseases in the western world. We all need to get outside, reconnect with nature, and allow our eyes to take in the beautiful natural settings that lie all around us . At Holistic Escape Retreats, we understand it's not always easy to get away from an office desk and technology and pride ourselves in guiding a plethora of outdoor adventures from extreme technical hiking to educational plant walks. Awaken your outdoor nomad with our carefully chosen retreat locations, sure to get your soul wanting more of this gorgeous planet! We can’t wait to take you on the adventure of a lifetime!