Our Story


We met 10 years ago in Laguna Beach California and have become strong influences on one another's wellness evolution over the past decade.  At a certain point in time we realized that our interests in the health world complemented each other's with varying areas of specialized focus within the alternative world. It was obvious, this was the perfect opportunity to combined forces to create a larger bank of knowledge to present to our clients. 


Our retreats are designed to empower clients with new energy and education to integrate these teachings into their daily lives. give our clients  We want wellness to be simple, approachable, and fun. You can expect to laugh, learn and grow as you enjoy the great outdoors paired with an intensive schedule where you'll learn the importance of herbal medicine, disease preventive, nutrition, with yoga (both asanas and restorative yoga) to focus the mind.



Dana Crawley

Dana Crawley is a Certified Raw Food Chef, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach/Chef, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Wilderness First Aid and CPR, and a Holistic Health Practitioner. She has studied nutrition and is a graduate of The Ann Wigmore Living Foods Institute in Puerto Rico and The Diet for Living Center in Albuquerque, as well as worked at The Pearl Laguna Wellness Center for over 5 years. Dana now runs her own raw food business in Laguna Beach, CA under Laguna Elixirs. As an advocate for health and wellness, Dana has coached high school track and cross-country, and worked extensively with groups and individuals incorporating nourishing raw living foods and exercise programs into their daily routines to achieve vitality and abundant health. She has also taught yoga in her community for over 10 years!

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Dana Hutchinson

Dana is a Clinical Herbalist, Chinese Herbologist, Reiki Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, and a Yoga RYT 200 hr. After loosing her mother to brain cancer and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Dana became infatuated with studying preventative medicine, holistic nutrition, and alternative herbal remedies to heal the body naturally. She is a graduate of the Anne Wigmore Living Foods Program in Puerto Rico, the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, the Mind Body Reiki Energy Center in Denver, University of Sydney & Cornell University. Dana is the founder and lead Clinical Herbalist at The Willdflower Clinic in Denver, Colorado at the Highlands Health and Wellness Center & is committed to promoting vital health in all her patients.